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Do you still offer the Excel worksheet to keep track of our orders?
No.  The release of our new Virtual Brochure App with its advanced order management system has replaced the Excel Worksheet.

Do you offer mail order products?
Unfortunately at this time we do not offer mail order but check back often as this may change in the future.  We do offer limited products available from our Friends & Family Store

What states do you currently offer your fundraising programs?
At this time we service Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas. We also do limited deliveries into Louisiana, Indiana, and Colorado

When will fruit prices be available?
Confirmed fruit prices will be available by October 1st.

Do I need to order extra product and how much should I order?
Yes, we recommend you order at least 10 to 15 percent over what you think you will need to cover any mistakes or last minute orders.

Where can I find the prices? Where do I get the username and password?
Prices are available on our Pricing page. You may email us at info@seitznet.com for your username and password or check your price list that was sent with your packet.

I bought product from a school selling your product and I have a complaint, What do I do?

You must contact the group that your purchased your product from and they will arrange for a refund or replacement.  We do not sell directly to the public therefore we have no record of what a school sells to who. The group will be compensated for any returns of damaged product.

My child is selling your product and have lost their price sheet.  Can you send me a new sheet?
We do not set the selling price for our groups and therefore do not have their pricing.  Please contact the group directly. 

Can friends and family order product from you and my child or student get credit for the sale?

Yes.  Please have them visit our Friends & Family Store at www.seitzfundraising.com/friendsandfamily

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Still have a question? Contact us at info@seitznet.com, or call (888) 390-4332. 


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